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What kinds of products may use NMP(N-methylpyrrolidone)?


N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) harms the developing fetus when tested in pregnant animals.

It is toxic to the reproductive system of male and female test animals. The reproductive effects of NMP(N-methylpyrrolidone) have not been studied in humans. Based on the animal tests, you should treat NMP as a potential human reproductive hazard. Overexposure to NMP irritates the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. It can also affect the central nervous system or brain causing symptoms of drunkenness similar to the effects of drinking alcohol. NMP is easily absorbed through the skin. It is widely used to replace methylene chloride and other chlorinated solvents that harm the environment and health. HESIS revised this Health Hazard Advisory to inform workers and employers that Cal/OSHA has adopted a Permissible Exposure Limit for this substance.

What kinds of products may use NMP(N-methylpyrrolidone)?

Paint strippers
Polyurethane paints
Waterborne paints
Inks and toners
Automotive care

What hazards does it pose?

Developmental toxicity
Reproductive toxicity
Liver toxicity
Kidney toxicity
Skin and eye irritation

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