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What kind of substance is THF?


What kind of substance is THF?

THF is a chemical reagent of thorium fluoride.


Alias: tetrahydrofuran, 1.4-epoxybutane, tetramethylene oxide, oxyheterocyclic pentane, monooxypentacyclic, tetrahydroxycyclocene, polytetramethylether glycol, tetramethylene oxide, oxyheterocyclic pentane, monooxyacyclic


CAS: 109-99-9 Molecular formula: C4H8O Molecular weight: 72.11

PSA 9.23000

LogP 0.79680

Merck 9211

Refractive index n20/D 1.40


Boiling point 65-67 ° C (l

In industrial production, sugar aldehyde was first used as raw material. The mixture of sugar aldehyde and steam was introduced into the reactor filled with zinc chromium manganese metal oxide (or palladium) catalyst, and the carbonyl group was removed at 400-420 ℃ to form furan; Then tetrahydrofuran was prepared by hydrogenation of furan at 80-120 ℃ using skeleton nickel as catalyst. The production of 1 ton of tetrahydrofuran by this method requires about 3 tons of polysaccharide aldehyde. With excellent optical and mechanical properties, it has been widely used as a low refractive index material in the film stack. However, the radioactivity of ThF is seriously harmful to people and the environment, so it is increasingly restricted in the production of filters.


It can dissolve all organic compounds except polyethylene, polypropylene and fluorine resin, especially PVC, polyvinylidene chloride, and aniline. It is widely used as a reactive solvent, and is called “universal solvent”. In organic synthesis, it is used to produce tetrahydrothiophene, 1.4-dichloroethane, 2.3-dichlorotetrahydrofuran, pentolactone, butyrolactone and pyrrolidone. In the pharmaceutical industry, THF is used to synthesize Kebiqing, rifamycin, progesterone and some hormone drugs.


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