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What is NMP


What is NMP:

What is NMP? NMP is a polar solvent with outstanding characteristics. It has a wide range of applications because of its very high solubility, high boiling point, low freezing point and ease of handling.

What is an NMP

NMP Characteristics:

NMP is a five-membered ring compound containing nitrogen. Because of the following excellent characteristics, it has a wide range of uses.

1. It has high polarity and can be miscible with most organic solvents (alcohol, ether, Ketone, aromatic hydrocarbon, chlorinated hydrocarbon, etc.) . In which organic and inorganic substances are highly dissolved.

2. It is mixed with water in various proportions.

3. Compared with similar solvents, it has higher flash point.

4. High boiling point, low freezing point, easy to handle.

5. It has chemical and thermal stability and is non-corrosive.

NMP Applications:

1. NMP is used to produce fine chemicals from mass-produced Chemicals.

2. In recent years, the application of NMP in the electronic field has been expanding. NMP’s high polarity and Solubility, as well as our high purity, high grade production technology, make the high performance required in this field possible.

3. The solubility of NMP in organic and Inorganic compound solvents is as good or better than that of HCFC solvents. As a result, NMP is used as a cleaner or release agent in various industrial applications.

NMP Processing And Storage:

NMP is classified as a hazardous substance under Japanese Fire Code, Category 4, No. 3 oil (designated quantity 4,000 litres) , water soluble, Hazard Class III. Because NMP is hygroscopic, it is important to keep storage containers closed or in a dry nitrogen atmosphere if moisture content is to be controlled. Since NMP is a powerful degreaser, wash immediately with water if in contact with skin.

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