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What Does N-methylpyrrolidone Do


What does N-methylpyrrolidone do:

N-methylpyrrolidone is an excellent solvent. N-methylpyrrolidone can dissolve most substances that are difficult to dissolve in water, such as cellulose, polymers, greases, rubber, plastics, coal tar, paraffin, lower alcohols, etc.
Used in the manufacture of high-grade lubricants. It can be copolymerized with styrene, vinyl acetate, etc. to produce advanced adhesives, coatings, fibers and films.
Used as synthetic fragrance. It can react with ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, etc. and be used to synthesize fragrances.
Used as pesticide. It can react with ethyl acetate, etc. and be used to synthesize pesticides.
Used in electronic field. Dissolvable electronically active materials used in processes such as plating, etching and cleaning.

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