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What are the Physical Properties of BDO


What are the Physical Properties of BDO

BDO, 1,4-butanediol, is an organic compound with the following physical properties:

Appearance: BDO is a colorless or light yellow oily liquid.
Solubility: BDO is soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone, slightly soluble in ether, and miscible with water.
Boiling point and melting point: The boiling point of BDO is 228°C or 235°C, and the melting point is 20.2°C or 20.1°C.
Flash point and ignition point: The flash point of BDO is (open cup) 121℃, and the ignition temperature is 370℃.
Relative density and refractive index: The relative density of BDO is 1.0171 and the refractive index is 1.4461.
The above data may fluctuate within a certain range, and the specific values may vary due to experimental conditions, purity and other factors. If you need more detailed data, it is recommended to consult relevant chemical manuals or professional materials.

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