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Uses of Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol


Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol Instruction:

Polytetramethylene ether glycol  is a homopolymer obtained by cationic ring-opening polymerization of the monomer tetrahydrofuran (THF) in the presence of a catalyst. PTMEG is a linear polyether glycol with primary hydroxyl groups. At room temperature, PTMEG is a white waxy solid. When the temperature exceeds room temperature, PTMEG is melted into a clear, colorless liquid. PTMEG is readily soluble in alcohols, esters, ketones, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons and insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons and water.

Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol

Polytetramethylene ether glycol, also known as polytetrahydrofuran, in short PTMEG, has the molecular formula HO-(- CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2O-)n-H and the CAS number 2497-97-3. The relative molecular weight of PTMEG products can be classified as 250, 650, 1000, 1400, 1800, 2000, 3000, etc. Industrial production can adjust its relative molecular weight according to the market demand, thus producing different specifications of products.

Uses of Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol:

Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG) is mainly used in the production of polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane elastomers (Spandex) and ester-ether copolymer elastomers. the largest consumer market for PTMEG is spandex with about 49%, followed by polyurethane elastomers with about 35% and ester-ether copolymer elastomers with about 15%. PTMEG is a very PTMEG is a very important raw material of polyether polyol for the production of polyurethane elastomer products. In China, PTMEG is mainly used in spandex and polyurethane elastomers. PTMEG is essentially a gap for ester-ether copolymer elastomers.

PTMEG Description:

The raw material for the production of PTMEG is tetrahydrofuran, a tetrahydrofuran monomer that undergoes ring-opening polymerization to form a backbone consisting of a carbon chain and an ether chain. PTMEG is ethylene glycol and linear in structure. The hydroxyl groups are located at both ends of the main chain. the main chain of PTMEG is composed of a carbon chain and an ether chain. Because PTMEG does not contain unsaturated bonds and has good flexibility, PTMEG has better aging resistance and best mechanical properties. PTMEG also has good hydrolysis resistance due to the absence of ester bonds.


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