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Tetrahydrofuran (THF)


Tetrahydrofuran (THF) Instruction:

Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is a colorless, transparent organic compound with an ether-like odor and the chemical formula (CH2)4O. Tetrahydrofuran is used primarily as a precursor for polymers, including for surface coatings, adhesives and printing inks. Tetrahydrofuran is miscible with water and has a low viscosity, making THF a versatile solvent for use in a variety of industries.

Tetrahydrofuran (THF)

Tetrahydrofuran (THF) Hazards and Safety:

Tetrahydrofuran has an NFPA health rating of 2, indicating that THF can cause temporary incapacitation or residual injury. Inhalation of excessive amounts of vapor can cause nausea, headache and dizziness. Contamination of the skin and eyes can be irritating. A flammability rating of 3 indicates that THF is readily ignited under almost all ambient temperature conditions. Vapors will flow to the ignition source and flash ignition will occur. Tetrahydrofuran has an instability rating of 1, indicating that THF is stable, but may become unstable at elevated temperatures.

When handling tetrahydrofuran, complete personal protective equipment should be worn to prohibit contact with skin and eyes. This includes complete protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection. If skin is contaminated, Tetrahydrofuran should be washed immediately and wet clothing should be removed and replaced.

Product name Tetrahydrofuran Thf
CAS No. 109-99-9
Other Names THF Tetrahydrofuran
Place of Origin China
Purity 99.9%min thf tetrahydrofuran
Appearance Colorless liquid
Grade Standard: Tech Grade
Appearance Colorless, transparent
THF Application1 Tetrahydrofuran is used as a solvent and raw material for organic synthesis
THF Application2 Tetrahydrofuran is used as chromatographic analysis reagent, organic
solvent and nylon intermediate
THF Application3 Tetrahydrofuran, also known as oxolane, oxolane, and tetramethylene
oxide, is an intermediate for the synthesis of pesticide phenbutyltin. In
addition, it can be directly used to make synthetic fibers, synthetic resins, and
synthetic rubbers. Polymeric materials, precision magnetic Chemicalbook
tapes and solvents in the electroplating industry. THF is also used in the
production of adiponitrile, adipic acid, hexamethylene diamine, succinic acid,
butanediol, γ-butyrolactone, etc., and can be used in the pharmaceutical
industry. Used in the production of Kebiqing, progesterone, rifamycin and
used as a pharmaceutical solvent, etc.

Tetrahydrofuran Uses:

Tetrahydrofuran can be polymerized by strong acids to give a linear polymer called polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG), also known as PTMO, polytetramethylene oxide. The main use of this polymer is in the manufacture of elastic polyurethane fibers, such as Spandex.

Another major use of THF solvent is as an industrial solvent for PVC and varnishes. THF is an inorganic solvent with a dielectric constant of 7.6. Tetrahydrofuran is a moderately polar solvent that can dissolve a wide range of non-polar and polar compounds. Tetrahydrofuran is miscible with water and can form a solid hydrate structure with water at low temperatures.


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