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Tetrahydrofuran (THF)


Tetrahydrofuran Instruction:

Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is a colorless, volatile liquid with the odor of ether or acetone and is miscible with water. THF is highly flammable and may thermally decompose to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Long-term storage in contact with air and without antioxidants may cause THF to decompose into explosive peroxides.


THF Instruction:

Tetrahydrofuran is used in the manufacture of polymers as well as agricultural, pharmaceutical and commodity chemicals. Manufacturing activities are typically conducted in closed systems or under engineering controls that limit worker exposure. THF is also used as a solvent, which can lead to more serious exposures when used in confined spaces without adequate ventilation. Although THF occurs naturally in coffee flavorings, chickpeas with flour, and cooked chicken, natural exposure is not expected to pose a significant hazard.

THF Physical Properties:

THF is a colorless and transparent liquid with a strong ether-like odor. The odor threshold concentration is 2 ppm. THF is highly flammable. Tetrahydrofuran may cause explosions when in contact with strong oxidizing agents. Tetrahydrofuran may polymerize in the presence of a cationic initiator. Contact with lithium aluminum hydride, other lithium aluminum alloys, or sodium or potassium hydroxide may be hazardous.

THF Uses:

1. Ethylene oxide can be used as a fumigant and mixed with other compounds. THF is used to stabilize the color of fuels and the formation of oil sludge.
2. Tetrahydrofuran is used as a solvent for resins, vinyls and polymers; as a Grignard reaction medium for organometallic and metal hydride reactions; and for the synthesis of succinic acid and butyrolactones.
3. Solvents for polymers, especially polyvinyl chloride. As reaction medium for Grignard reaction and metal hydride reaction. Used in the synthesis of butylpropanoid lactone, succinic acid, 1,4-butanediol diacetate.
4. Tetrahydrofuran is mainly (80%) used in the manufacture of polytetramethylene ether glycol, a base polymer used mainly in the manufacture of elastic fibers and polyurethane and polyester elastomers. The remainder (20%) is used in solvent applications (e.g., pipe cements, adhesives, printing inks and tapes) and as reaction solvents for chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis.

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