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Povidone Introduction:

Povidone is a polymer material widely used in industry, medicine and chemical research. It is a high-molecular polymer composed of multiple monomer molecules with the same structure, that is, pyrrolidone (pyrrolidone) groups. The degree of polymerization is relatively high, generally hundreds to thousands. It has strong solubility and hygroscopicity, and it will decompose at room temperature, so certain precautions are required when preparing and using it.

There are many preparation methods of povidone, the most common of which is the cyclization reaction of γ-butyrolactone and ammonia under alkali catalysis. After the reaction, it is treated with acid water to obtain povidone. The povidone prepared by the method has stable quality, high yield and wide application range.


Povidone has many special chemical and physical properties. First, it has excellent solvent power and can dissolve many other polymer materials as well as some inorganic and organic compounds. Secondly, it has good thermal stability and light stability, and it can remain unchanged for a long time under high temperature or sunlight. In addition, it can also exhibit strong ionic conductivity, photoconductivity and nonlinear optical properties. These special properties give it a wide application prospect.

In terms of medicine, povidone, as a kind of biocompatible and mild polymer material, has applications in many fields such as oral cavity, skin and organ tissues. For example, it can be prepared into various medical dressings, patches and medicines, which can promote wound healing and treat some diseases. In addition, povidone can also be used to prepare medical devices such as implants and artificial joints.


In the industrial field, povidone is also widely used in textiles, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coatings and superabsorbent materials. For example, it can be used as an auxiliary agent for cellulose paper to increase the tensile strength and water resistance of paper; it can also be used as a raw material for waterproof coatings, resins and adhesives to improve the quality and performance of products.

In conclusion, povidone, as a polymer material, has applications in many fields and has broad development prospects. In the future, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application range and performance of it will continue to expand and improve.

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