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Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol


Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol Instruction:

Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG) is the premier polyether polyol used worldwide in the manufacture of high-performance polyurethane elastomers. Known for its many performance attributes and processing advantages, PTMEG is used in a variety of applications across multiple industries. These applications include polyurethane resins, prepolymers, coatings, adhesives, cast polyurethane resins, spandex fibers, and more.

Polytetramethylene ether glycol is a waxy white solid that melts around room temperature to a clear, colorless, viscous liquid. PTMEG is produced by the catalyzed polymerization of tetrahydrofuran (THF). The main uses of PTMEG are in the production of spandex (polyurethane) fibers, polyurethane elastomers and copolyester-ether elastomers.

Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol

Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG) should be stored in totally closed containers sealed with dry nitrogen. The containers must be fitted with heating equipment outside or inside to keep their internal temperature at about 50℃. Frozen PTMEG can be heated at about 70℃ for 24 hours to melt. PTMEG should not be stored at 90℃ for a long time.
In addition, PTMEG should be stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated places, and keep away from fire sources, sparks and naked flames. Due to PTMEG water absorbent and ease of oxidization, PTMEG should not be exposed to moisture or air. To avoid static electricity, its containers should be earthen during transportation.

PTMEG becomes highly combustible at high temperature. If fire is started, one could use spray water, alcohol foam, dry chemicals products or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to put off the fire. When loading or unloading PTMEG, one should wear gloves and safety glasses to prevent contacting with the eyes or skin.

Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol

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