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PBAT Applications


PBAT Applications Scenario:

PBAT applications in supermarket shopping bags, take-away lunch boxes, agricultural film and other fields of agriculture, industry, commerce and medicine. Recently a number of enterprises released PBAT related news, make PBAT this Biodegradable plastic products by the industry attention!




The biodegradation of PBAT mainly depends on its chemical structure and degradation environment. It is almost completely biodegradable. Some PBAT can be degraded by natural microbial fermentation, some depolymerize polymer chains by chemical hydrolysis and thermal degradation, and some depolymerize intermediates by microbial metabolism.

PBAT Application Area:

PBAT is currently the most widely used biodegradable plastic materials, its product strength is high, but poor film-forming, suitable for sheet, alloy, fiber. But PBAT has good ductility, tear resistance and film-forming property. The final product is usually a blend of PLA and PBAT resin.

Development Status and application prospect of PBAT:

As a good environmental protection material, PBAT can reduce the consumption of petroleum resources and alleviate “White pollution”, which is of great significance to the sustainable development of our country.

At present, the global PBAT market demand is strong, because of the high price of Pbat, and China has good raw material production conditions. PBAT products are mainly used for export, high industry concentration, large potential market, good industrialization prospects.



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