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NMP Uses


NMP Uses:

NMP is a polar solvent with excellent performance. Because of its high solubility, high boiling point and low freezing point, NMP uses widely. NMP can be widely used in the manufacture of bulk chemicals and fine chemicals.In recent years, due to the large polarity and strong solvent force of NMP. Therefore, its use as a high-performance solvent is gradually expanding in the field of information electronics.

(1) Information Electronics

Remove wax and flux


Cleaning of electronic parts

Cleaning of semiconductor parts

Solvent for manufacturing lithium secondary battery parts

Diluent of photoresist for semiconductor

Diluent of photoresist for color filter

(2) automobile

Cleaning of forming mould

Metal (parts) cleaning


NMP uses

(3) Chemistry

Extractant (acetylene, BTX, butadiene)

Synthetic resin surface coating solvent

Reaction solvent (PPS, polyimide, etc.)

Equipment cleaning

NMP Storage And Handling:

Applicable to class 4 and class 3 petroleum of dangerous goods (specified quantity: 4000L), water solubility and hazard grade III.

NMP is hygroscopic. If there are strict regulations on moisture content during use, it needs to be stored in closed containers or in nitrogen environment.

NMP is degreasing. If you accidentally touch the skin, please wash it with water immediately.

NMP Characteristic:

NMP is a nitrogen-containing five membered heterocyclic compound, which has a wide range of applications because of its following excellent characteristics.

(1) It has high polarity, can be completely miscible in most organic solvents (alcohol, ether, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbon, chlorinated hydrocarbon, etc.), and has high solubility in organic and inorganic substances.

(2) It can be miscible with water in any proportion.

(3) Higher flash point than other similar solvents.

(4) High boiling point, low freezing point, easy to use.

(5) Good chemical and thermal stability, non corrosive.

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