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N-Methylpyrrolidone Description:

N-Methylpyrrolidone (1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone), a five-membered cyclic amide, is an organic polar solvent. N-Methylpyrrolidone is widely used in the manufacture of adhesives, paints and pharmaceuticals.

NMP is a solvent used in various industries such as paint and coating removal, petrochemical processing, engineering plastic coating, agricultural chemicals, electronic cleaning.


N-Methylpyrrolidone Caution:

Toxicity: LD50 (rat) about 8200mg/kg, has strong permeability, when used as a pesticide dispersant, be careful, pesticides can easily penetrate into the human body through the skin and poisoning, pay attention to protection.

In recent years in Europe and the United States on this solvent has been studied, its cumulative toxicity may have carcinogenicity, the conclusion is still uncertain. However, there is a trend in the EU and the United States to replace NMP with the so-called “green solvent” – dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether.

Solubility: NMP is miscible with water, alcohols, ethers, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons. NMP is stable in neutral media. NMP can dissolve most polymers.

Uses: NMP is widely used in the refining of advanced lubricants, synthesis of polymers, etc. The solvent is a good dispersant for pigments (coatings) and can be applied to water dispersion coatings.

Waste liquid environmental protection treatment: unclean waste methylpyrrolidone can be recycled by solvent recovery machine plus vacuum decompression system. As its boiling point is relatively high, so NMP cannot be recycled directly. Through vacuum decompression, the heating temperature of recycling can be reduced to ensure the quality of recycling.

NMP Storage Method:

Store under dry inert gas, keep the container sealed and store in a cool, dry place.

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