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Is the Corrosiveness of Tetrahydrofuran Related to Concentration


Is the corrosiveness of tetrahydrofuran related to concentration?
The corrosiveness of tetrahydrofuran is related to concentration.
20% tetrahydrofuran solution applied directly to human skin can cause moderate skin irritation, 50% aqueous solution can cause severe corrosive damage, and 20% aqueous solution applied to human eyes can cause severe corneal damage.
The concentration of tetrahydrofuran needs to be prepared according to actual needs. For example, in gas chromatography, the concentration of tetrahydrofuran is usually 50~200ppm. You can also choose tetrahydrofuran without BHT stabilizer.
Tetrahydrofuran is not easy to volatilize at around 4 degrees.
Tetrahydrofuran is a commonly used organic compound that is volatile to a certain extent, but does not evaporate as quickly as flammable and explosive compounds. The boiling point of tetrahydrofuran is 64 to 66 degrees. It is not volatile at room temperature, but at about 4 degrees, its volatility may be less than at room temperature.

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