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How to Store BDO at Room Temperature


How to Store BDO at Room Temperature

The following points need to be noted when storing BDO (1,4-butanediol) at room temperature:
Storage facilities: BDO should be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated dedicated warehouse. Such an environment helps maintain the stability of BDO and prevent it from getting damp. At the same time, warehouses should be kept away from fire and heat sources to reduce the risk of fire, and equipped with fire-fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment to deal with possible emergencies.
Storage container: Special stainless steel or plastic containers should be selected to store BDO. Iron containers should be avoided because iron containers may react chemically with BDO. Containers should be well sealed to prevent BDO leakage and air contact, thereby reducing the potential for oxidation and contamination.
Temperature control: Although BDO is relatively stable at room temperature, precise temperature control is still important. Generally speaking, the storage temperature of BDO can be maintained at around 40°C; if conditions permit, through accurate temperature control, the temperature can be further reduced to around 30°C.
Light and light protection: Too much direct sunlight may cause BDO temperature to rise and unnecessary chemical reactions to occur, so direct sunlight should be avoided and the container should be kept tightly closed.
Regular inspections: During storage, the sealing and integrity of storage containers, as well as the status and purity of BDO, should be regularly checked to detect and deal with any leaks, contamination or other problems in a timely manner.
Safety precautions: In addition to the above fire and explosion prevention measures, the warehouse should be kept clean, and smoking and open flame operations are prohibited to reduce the risk of fire and other safety accidents.
Following the above recommendations can ensure the safe and effective storage of BDO at room temperature. However, please note that the specific storage conditions and methods may vary according to factors such as the purity, use, and storage volume of BDO, so it should be adjusted and optimized according to specific conditions in actual operations.

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