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bdo 1.4


bdo 1.4 Introduction:

Butanediol (bdo 1.4) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C4H10O2. It is often used as a solvent, an intermediate for esterification reactions, and various chemical raw materials for synthetic polyesters.

1.4 Butanediol is a specific specification for Butanediol. The main use of this butanediol is in the preparation of polyesters and is commonly referred to as “PBT-grade” butanediol, where “PBT” stands for its usual polymer, polybutylene terephthalate. PBT is a high-performance polyester with excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. Due to its properties, it is often used in automotive, electronics, medical devices and other industrial fields.

bdo 1.4

bdo 1.4 has higher purity and lower impurity content than other grades of butanediol, which makes it better used in advanced synthetic processes such as polyester. In addition, butanediol 1.4 also provides greater stability and controllability, which helps to improve product quality and consistency.

When using butanediol 1.4, it is necessary to pay attention to its harmfulness. Butanediol is irritating and toxic by absorption, and may cause harm to the human body. Therefore, you should pay attention to comply with relevant safety operation regulations during use, including wearing protective equipment, maintaining good ventilation and so on.

In summary, bdo 1.4 is a high-purity, high-performance organic compound that is mainly used in the preparation of advanced polyesters. Its excellent characteristics make it a necessity in many fields, but it also requires corresponding safety measures.

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